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For answers to common questions about submitting your work to an exhibition hosted by the Bridges Organization or the Joint Mathematics Meetings, and about using this website, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If your question is not covered here, email us at

Where can I find instructions for submitting to an exhibition?
Log into this website using the Log in button on the front page. You will see a list of upcoming exhibitions; each exhibition has a link to specific submission instructions.
Where can I find the submission deadlines?
The submission instructions will include all of the relevant deadlines and dates for the exhibition.
How do I create an account?

Use the Sign up button on the front page to do this. A valid email address is required for registration, and this email will be used for all future communications regarding your submissions. Be sure to use an email account that you check regularly! After signing up, a confirmation email will be sent and you should follow the link in that email to enable your account.

After confirming your account and logging in, you will be asked to fill out your artist profile. In your profile, you have the option of providing a public-facing email address that will appear on your gallery page. This address can be different from the one used to create your account.

I didn't receive a confirmation email. What should I do?
Check your spam folder first. If it's not there, email us and we will manually confirm your account so you can sign in.
Can I use my account from the old system?
We have completed a major overhaul to our previous submission site, and all artists will need to make a new account on the new site, unless they already did so for Bridges 2023 or a later exhibition.
How do I submit a collaboration (joint submission)?
Joint submissions are possible but a bit manual right now as we continue to add features to the site. Create individual accounts for each collaborator, then have one person start the submission. Let us know when that is done and we can attach the other accounts to the submission so you're all represented and able to access and edit it.
Can I use LaTeX in my submission?
You can add LaTeX into your statement and descriptions of your work and it will be detected automatically. You'll see it rendered on your submission page after you save your edits. The default math delimiters are $$...$$ and \[...\] for displayed mathematics, and \(...\) for in-line mathematics.
Can I submit a video?
The Bridges Conference has a dedicated short film festival every year, so if you are submitting video work to Bridges it should be submitted to that venue rather than the art exhibition. Videos are allowed in the JMM art exhibition, but you have to provide the hardware and set it up.
Are the size limitations flexible?
Refer to the specific exhibition submission instructions for size limitations, as they vary from exhibition to exhibition. In general, the stated size limitations are not flexible. However, we are flexible with quilts, as a large size is inherent to the medium, and they may be displayed folded.